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Fondant Recipe

When you take the time to add fondant to a cake, it is transformed into an edible work of art. Making your cake creations look professional is easy with this simple fondant recipe, which serves as a perfect foundation from which to launch your cake decorating creativity....(more)

Southern Pecan Pralines Candy Recipe

A pecan candy recipe is a welcome addition to the usual repertoire of cookies, cakes and fudges. This Southern pecan pralines candy recipe uses whole pecans and heavy whipping cream to make the sweet, rich treat. The pralines are dropped by large spoonfuls onto a sheet, and are much bigger than those you purchase pre-packaged in stores. Enjoy them for dessert or as a snack with a glass of milk....(more)

Sweet and Sour Lemon Candy Recipe

This lemon candy recipe makes a truly timeless candy. It spices up any assortment of sugary sweet treats. These refreshing, tart jellies are a great treat for family get-togethers. Of course, this delicious dessert dish also makes a great daily indulgence....(more)

Toffee Candy Recipes for the Holidays

There is nothing to rival the delicious taste of homemade candy for the holidays. The crunchy goodness of toffee is an especially yummy treat. Try a toffee candy recipe like the ones below and see if you do not agree. With a few simple ingredients and a few minutes of your time, have a delectable batch of holiday candy to serve guests and delight your family....(more)


How Panned Candies are Made

Panning is a centuries old technique for creating confections. Panning is a method of coating candy, or adding a shiny glaze to candies created using other methods. ...(more)

Tips for Using a Fondant Press

Fondant is an icing you can roll to decorate cakes. If you've never worked with it before, you may have some trouble the first time you use it, as it is somewhat difficult to use. However, you can use tools to help you decorate and cover cakes, such as a fondant press. With a fondant press, you cut and press fondant into a variety of textures and shapes. Use these tips to employ the fondant press in your cake-making process....(more)

How to Use a Candy Thermometer for Measuring Sugar Solutions

Beginner and experienced candy makers alike need to know how to use a candy thermometer, which is essential for measuring sugar solutions as they change from fluid to solid. The simple device, usually encased in tempered glass, confirms observable sugar stages. While it is possible to make candy using sugar hardness tests, precise results and consistent candy is only possible with the use of a thermometer. Since candy making requires a time investment and always makes a mess, it makes sense to be prepared and use the most essential tool for working with sugar: The candy thermometer....(more)

International Candy

Yellow Man Sponge Toffee: An Irish Candy

You can enjoy Irish Yellow Man sponge toffee in two ways: you can crunch down it, or let it melt into your tongue. This traditional Irish candy is full of bubbles, and you can either cut it into squares or break into pieces, called "rubble." It has a beige or yellowish hue. This candy is served in cones at the Celtic festival of Lammas, which is a harvest festival. At one time, it was dipped in chocolate and handed out at Halloween. Read on for the recipe....(more)

Simple Chocolate-dipped Pretzels

Chocolate-dipped pretzels are a salty sweet treat enjoyed by many. These dipped pretzels are covered in a semisweet chocolate coating, but you can choose any type of chocolate you prefer. Add variety by using dark or white chocolate to dip your pretzels. Make these treats extra special by rolling the dipped pretzels in candy toppings like toffee or candy-coated chocolate pieces....(more)

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